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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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long stories on our nato troops bulldoze the serbian roadblock on the border with northern kossovo alperin forcing a shoot to kill policy near the disputed checkpoint which was seized two weeks ago . dmitri medvedev has said that both he and loving their putin would have stood for the same goals if running for the presidency which means popularity among russians makes him the better candidate. the never ending story of a stare at the greeks brace themselves for yet more cuts and higher taxes as the government of the debt ridden nation tries to prove it splits for a new bailout out of money medicine. and an attempt to reclaim the revolution
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egyptians once again gather on top here square this time to protest against the rule of the military which replaced the bottom but retained this policy it's. just after eight pm here in the russian capital you're watching our team out of our developing story nato troops in northern kossovo have bulldoze a barricade that was set up by the serbs near the border area well that's after all journalists were forced away brought in along with a promise to shoot to kill anyone trying to cross it off he's an executive chef he has sent this report. now the latest developments in the ongoing dispute at the border crossing between closer and serbia is that the case for troops have brought in bulldozers and demolished the serbian very jade's this was the close is very tates of the border posts to between corso off and serbia became full bore that's
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now pushed men from the man made very good which was about close to the border crossing the quay for troops have set up a perimeter. and they say that should anyone try to break it trying to penetrate into the zone into the border crossing they will shoot to kill and some of them are even pointing their weapons towards journalist towards the serbs who are stationed here this particular checkpoint was in the spotlight of the major violence on tuesday with more than eleven men injured in those clashes has now been removed or under control of the case for forces. now eleven months remain in hospitals with different rooms despite that the case for forces and nato claimed that they used only rubber bullets and tear gas grenades to pacify the crowd most of the people injured have gunshot wounds we managed to speak to the doctors in the hospitals and they confirmed this information to us that surgeries work reforms on these men to
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remove bullets from their bodies some say this may ask you late into a serious violence in particular the russian foreign ministry has already expressed deep concerns over the situation saying that it could destabilize the things in the already stressed region the melting pot which is in the balkans and indeed everyone is watching how developments go. political analysts summit southern poverty in belgrade told us that nato peacekeepers are more likely to revive the war than when . they've totally in all police stepped out of the un mandate and there really really now just like during one nine hundred ninety nine during the bombing when there was the air force for the albanian separatists are now they're acting as their infantry so this is what we have this is a clear breach of the u.n. charter and of the resolution twelve forty four all they're doing right now is that they're actually. destabilizing the situation they're actually bringing conflict.
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everything was reasonably peaceful until they gave the green light for albanian special police forces to forcibly take the administrative border control live and ever since then they've been giving them full support secure encouraging actually the government the priest you know. headed by harsh in karachi he was wanted for various charges from organ trafficking to drug trafficking and that they're encouraging him to more violence so they're not a peace factor at all there are total factor of war and the stabilization. will be following this story as it develops and of course bring you the latest updates from . all russia's president's been explaining why he's not seeking a second term retirement get of stress that he and letting their puts him have common goals and that puts a huge popularity among russians will help achieve them should he return to the
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presidency next year all but get about five his reasons in an exclusive interview with russia. the details of. spoke about the upcoming race for the presidential seat in explaining why he thinks he is the best man for the job well first of all he says. he's more loved in the country than. himself and also that when it comes to achieving common goals there's no such thing as power struggle and it's up to the people of this country to decide who they want to see as their president regardless of what. things is best for the country himself in that respect he emphasized that all the speculations about the presidential election of two thousand and twelve being a sealed deal here in russia are absolutely irresponsible and unacceptable. to the citizens. it's the truth any politician can.
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see in our country's history as well as other countries. anything can happen there's no predetermination. who has more. people who just. want to highlight the key points. turning them down that's what democracy is about here if you feel the recent discharge of the country's finance minister aleksey calling it a matter of political discipline just to remind you of shortly after prison you have suggested blood human pushing the food. on the other side of the atlantic russian finance minister speaking at a press conference in washington has said that he does not want to remain at his post with the new government you just pointed out that's who you must have been doing his job for way too long if you got so bored of it that he's meeting such irresponsible statements and making them abroad nonetheless. so with his
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professionalism and experience you should have no trouble whatsoever finding another job another way to serve his country. and we'll bring you that interview. all right here on r.t. in about twenty five time. thousands of egyptians have gathered in cairo's main square to take part in a mass protest named reclaim the revolution they feel left down by the transitional military council and want the current emergency rule to be lifted activists are also pressuring for more open election laws something echoed by political parties threatening to boycott have ever as problem entry election are visibly sonali reports on me and happiness that's driving people back to cairo streets. we knew that change would come to egypt a new chapter of freedom and democracy don't judge a book by its cover when reading proust mubarak egypt it's pretty twee maligns where you'll find
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a new chapter hasn't been published ended or slightly revised we still have the supreme council of the armed forces of those rulers. they have been. in any sense giving this country towards democracy work may be gone but his policies are not there was new mubarak's case is ongoing at this tribe you know new figures from human rights watch claims more civilian courts face military trials six months some twelve thousand during the entire thirty year rule of mubarak average civilians are giving five to. seven years in prison a lot of torture has occurred since the staff has come into power. actor only sabri doesn't clown around when it comes to the supreme council or scarf he has taken part in protests since day one and still has scars from being detained
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because the looks were much worse and he said very long they told people they had to stick it only from it so i shot for the struggle and beaten with. that's ahead least only because i'm well known now most of that's leave the country for thirty years according to law if i have to seek asylum they all stay and fight for freedom like mubarak skaf gets the support it needs to rule egypt from abroad. that we get from the u.s. that one point five billion a year easier to seize from from the u.s. say. most of it in part because of the supreme court to the to the army you know the scouts and well the last boost history books will change for the better the arab spring is a massive opportunity to spread peace prosperity democracy egypt since our last reading the writing on the wall and many people refer. to the same as
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before don't read the paper and in some areas it's getting more worse and he's now a r t. well meanwhile thousands of civilians are trying to flee the city of sirte in libya where fierce fighting between a pro and he got off the forces continues alongside a former rebels launched a barrage of rockets at the colonel's home city now do this sucker from the international committee of the red cross says that with the city critically short of water food and medicine refugees have little choice but to head into the desert the people who already agree or maybe even. you know don't know that they're going to measure that from the people going out there is. very hard for these people are you carrying grow your own they've no no no they have. to also have fear they have been trying to reach to enter the city of what our good not did not.
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well we have been talking to witnesses on the ground there and later in the program we will be really you more insight into what's happening on the ground there in. iraq. right now let's talk about greece our international debt inspectors are having trouble this is a key ministries in greece because angry workers are occupying them and their weakness and your surly protests there's only geisha in are it up and set aside whether greece has spent enough for another portion of the bailout the government's last chance basically what's in. the recession was suspended earlier over doubts that the country is doing enough to reduce its enormous debt all leaders have pushed through pension cuts and extra taxes to try and please their creditors but the public remains convinced that the robot necessary policy is only making things worse artists are first reports now from. greece has been the poster child of the euro thing. with germany very thing to expand the bailout fund the country looks
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that's to get that much needed cash injection the help come with some conditions here increase the people say the price they're being made to pay if simply too high earning. is deadline day for the first to be hit with the government's new special tax it's one of the measures they put in place to try to secure the next tranche of money the country needs to avoid bankruptcy the extra tax which is ducks about another three percent from people's annual income is supposed to help plug some of the massive deficit in the budget nothing more than a year's salary cuts rises in living costs the people here are already at breaking point the last three years almost everybody has rules for the grocery bill whose salary. broncho harry cost analysis from the opposition movement entitled to pay he tells me how the need means expanded rapidly in recent months as more and
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more people hit. that financial wall before the people most of the people were not playing because they wanted to protest against the no unjust situation no there are thousands and thousands of people who will be governments or people's desperation has become increasingly evident on the streets increased violence is repeatedly play can out between riot place and protest is. even more clashes this parliament than feted in yet another measure in the fall of any property tax where organizing all of this. to put greece on are you a mess just for political reasons greece and greeks do not need the i.m.f. many people in greece now question just here it is i think control our fortunes are very very early days in euro's own are the bankers. it's mr
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consider european central bank bankers are not being shared folders are not being. called again here are the supervisors and the taxpayers in the euro zone despite germany having baited positively to expand the size and power of the year to fund already critics are questioning whether that will be enough insights now to turn to the many challenges the usa still faces the problem will move from. them to german banks. germany. to the more skilled european you know. find a solution could be not just. with past measures failing to have the facts but as political leaders continue to struggle to convince the public the truth.
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still hangs in the balance but these protests take the streets. to continue many people here because he says that country now at risk of having really a financial the democratic south the state as well. as by the colored voting in athens. all right well let's try and get a handle on how this might pan out in the coming days pockets of luke is a researcher an analyst with the open europe organization on this sort of making so the bailout policy it hasn't yet delivered the decisive blow to tackling your state has it but what is your analysis on why the eurozone members are just so committed to it. well the problem is that so many of the current. leaders and decision makers are the same people who came up with the policies in the first place. to do with the eurozone so in times of crisis and great doubt because we are in uncharted territory let's remember here they fall back on the defaults of
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positions and which are more centralization. under the same policies that of got us to this point i think they have too much invested in it both politically and economically because remember the banks in the eurozone countries are holding a lot of greek that so i think they just feel if they might as well go down this road no one really knows where we're going to end up right now you were mentioning earlier that it is the same people that write the eurozone together so if back then it was political will that brought the eurozone together do you think that political will will be here will to keep get it out of this are the problem that it's in. i think is a fundamental difference because when the eurozone was being established it was sold to the people especially in in germany on the basis that there would be no bailout starts the other northern states wouldn't be bailing out the southern members and now the another those cutters are the bad i think will be very
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difficult to to bring together the necessary political will to keep it together and we saw we saw signs about in yesterday's. in the understand where angela merkel did get the majority that she needed but. this way the members of her own coalition proved to be very very difficult but let's talk about the actual bailout fund i mean even the expanded one is not to help greece i mean you're backing out two hundred eleven billion euros the debt it seems like a drop in the ocean issue because of the ocean especially when greece's need alone is around three hundred fifty billion will it even help at all. you know you could be right to say that this isn't enough really and the problem is that the markets know this greece is and greece has an effect a funding gap of between one hundred twenty and one hundred sixty billion euros in addition to the funds that it's already receiving under the first bailout package
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and the markets know this and they consider the greek default to be inevitable ok greece is now facing an ultimatum it's basically more cards or cash injection do you think that they will actually go that far considering earlier you mentioned that their banks are exposed to a lot of greece's debt if it does go under is so is that an empty threat. like i said we are not uncharted territory and it be a very brave take a very brave person to speculate as to exactly how this might come out i think we are really testing the limits of the current system to destruction we saw earlier the protests and athens because clearly i'm happy with the austerity measures being imposed the latest which is the property tax and also in. countries like germany and finland even in. slovakia we're seeing a lot of discontent with that with the measures and remember these are just the measures agreed to back in july to boost the effective capacity of the bailout
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front and you know we haven't even really got to the stage where these national parliaments are going to consider the bailout packages to two trillion euros which is what's estimates about that is needed to contain a greek default looking just a very very quickly now talking about germany how far do you think it can go before it undermines its own creditworthiness. but we saw with the downgrade both of us earlier this year that nothing is sacred and germany's aaa rating although it's not going to at the moment there is there is the fear limit to how much stress it could take and as i said earlier the german public the german public would allow it to get to the point where for example we would. have plans to leverage the bailout funds through the e.c.b. i think for the germans are definitely a step too far right thanks very much for else is there a problem with me here researcher an analyst maybe open your organization thank you
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. will going back to a story we're covering earlier we're going to get insight from the situation in syria in libya where there is currently a humanitarian situation unfolding and we're joined live by saw what we saw the front of the international red cross in tripoli. in the city but what information do you have for us about what's going on in syria i mean we have been hearing from some but this is the situation as dire as those reports. this the city can you hear me. i think we're having a bit of a promise mr that's right can you hear me. all right i think she is not hearing us at the moment we'll try to bring her back later on in the program at all especially missions committee at the u.n. security council is to hold its first meeting over the palestinian push for statehood and that's after nine members of the council promised to back it last this stage analysts believe america will try to slow process to avoid the to link
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the resolution among the international bodies and forcing the bit is the european parliament which called the palestinian quest for statehood a quote legitimate target meanwhile israel has yet again come under fire from much of the world community after approving more settlements on occupied palestinian territory i see here fatah official told r.t. that unconditional us support and aid remain a major factor behind israel's behavior. the americans have done the israelis do start of proximity talks which we did bro talks which we did and they say let's have decided to end the freeze of settlements and what they're called the moratorium on this issue has totally bush the whole cookson to total collapse even the countries that has said that the jewish settlements in the palestinian territories are an obstacle they are not legitimate and so on we asked them to do the european union the united states israel is announcing these supplements what
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are you going to do about it so i think this is the question for the international community there israel is every every day violating besides the months by evaluating the international legitimacy of all. united nations the question is what is it that their international community is doing about it we hope that the international community does not going can you deal with israel as a spoiled kid be aware of washington some european cup because palestinians are putting high hopes on the u.n. security council while in peter lavelle's cross-talk later his desk with the organization's credibility under scrutiny. if we were to propose a hypothetical the tomorrow the united states would be united kingdom besides to go on a war and the united nations security council doesn't give that you know there's a russia or china or whoever vetoing that particular decision then they decide to step to the united nations and go to war regardless what the united nations do in
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reality they can do absolutely nothing nothing that is where the problem is. you can. let's cut quickly look at some other world headlines this hour a car bomb has blown up at a funeral in the central iraqi city of hillah at least fifteen people were killed in the blast of dozens of others injured he was a route for pilgrims who visit holy sites in the south of iraq violence in the country has declined since its peak five years ago but the attacks continue. yemen's ministry of defense says it has killed a u.s. born terrorist mastermind anwar a lackey he was allegedly involved in a number of attacks on america including the failed christmas day bombing in new york in two thousand and nine allo lackies that was said to be on the cia's priority target list and his death follows
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a number of failed assassination attempts by the u.s. stormy. filipino maid has won the last marketplace in hong kong allowing her to apply for permanent residency if not sequestered hong kong's immigration policy which excludes four inmates from applying for residency even though other foreigners can do so after seven hears the rules accused of being discriminatory politicians argue it will put a strain that pulsing and social services the government said it would appeal the ruling. along the way russia's president explains in detail why he doesn't want another for the top will get the business news first with your ear. hello and welcome to the business update growing fears of a global recession are making investors pull their cash out of risk emerging markets russia is no exception with economists saying sixty billion dollars could
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flee the country this year this is also adding pressure on the ruble it's lost twelve percent against the u.s. dollar since the beginning of september how mother chris we thought from troika darling believes the rules recover is not far away. my sense is what we're seeing seeing from europe now is more of an effort at least to fix the problem for now the u.s. fed has already said it will do what's necessary to try and sustain growth in u.s. economy so i think we're pretty much at the bottom of the weakness in the ruble right now i would believe and i would expect to see through recover some of its losses over the next couple of months and i would expect the stronger it is today but that's absolutely predicated on no greek default and u.s. feds taking action to try and stimulate the economy in the ideal currency if you like for russia is probably around twenty eight or so against the dollar debts you know that's
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a good position for the ruble to be as it were in order to attract those long term capital without too much spare could. it's time to take a look at the markets the european stocks ended riders trading session in the red following a weak start and fears of a global slowdown were hurting sentiment concerns over chinese growth is the reason the trop and luxury goods group. isn't focused but instead of chatters was also suffering still the mind of the friday. night here in russia both. in the red at the close the r.t.s. for the r.t.s. it was the biggest quarterly drop in all this three years it lost more than thirty percent. sixteen percent during the same period let's take a look at some of the individual moves in the my six energy stocks so ahead it's a lot. more than three percent financial small's so under pressure with dropping almost six cents on monday for much prettier rep's up the straight for us.
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finishing the end of september and it's been one of the worst. months actually the worst quarter since two thousand and eight for the russian market it's been a really really bad week and the problem for russia has been. despite. what's been a relatively decent domestic case the massive story for russia it's getting hit by uncertainty over what's going to happen in europe is greece going to fold and also what's happening in the us what's the u.s. growth profile so russia scored a really tough place right now and the market selling off very very aggressively and one of the big issues has been for russia that it had a very strong rally in the first quarter of this year a lot of liquidity came into the russian market because the oil prices are rising i know there's a lot of liquidity generated by q.e. two that trade is completely reversed right now we've seen extremely aggressive and flows from russia since may and it's continued aggressively through september.
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so all the business news from all small stores check all websites archie dot com slash business.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from a realm for sure. we've got the future of coverage. wealthy british scientists are. sometimes that's right. because. markets. can find out what's really happening to the global economy for no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our.


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